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Landscape Fragmentation And Conservation Management Alter Soil Arthropod Communities

As the world is becoming increasingly urbanized, natural habitats are being displaced with large buildings and concrete structures. Consequently, restoration practitioners and conservation biologists have implemented comprehensive management programs to preserve and protect the remaining biodiversity in metropolitan regions. Habitat fragmentation and conservation management both impose significant changes to natural communities; however, our understanding of […]

Invasive Plants And Soil Communities

The proliferation of invasive plants into native ecosystems is a major threat to biodiversity and ecosystem functioning on a global scale; a disturbance predicted to become more severe in the 21st century. To offset the adverse effects of invasive plants on ecosystem function and overall health, a fundamental understanding of the mechanisms by which plant […]

Ecosystem Linkages And Terrestrial Food Webs

The project I am finishing up as a research fellow at UW examines how resource subsidies can influence soil ecosystem structure and function in a subarctic biome. At Lake MĂ˝vatn, Iceland, numerous midges emerge in the summer and flyover adjacent terrestrial ecosystems where they create dense mating swarms. Mated females return to the lake to […]